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在现实生活中,我们需要一个生态系统来 保护药品以及依赖这些药品的患者

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我们的客户选择空运,以确保安全性、速度和灵活性。Our customers' needs include the ability to quickly obtain certification of packaging solutions based on the specific needs of a particular drug and the selection of partners with the capabilities, knowledge and global network to meet their needs。安全送达温度敏感型新2足球网址的关键,全在于久经考验的「实战」能力。

「安全送达温度敏感型新2足球网址的关键, 全在于久经考验的『实战』能力。」

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温瑞通是一家开放式平台服务提供商,通过航空和货运行业的一 系列合作伙伴提供全球服务。我们的主动温控解决方案专为航空货运 开发,符合所有适航标准、技术要求和药品优良运销规范。

About Eton

Wintek develops, manufactures and provides innovative container leasing solutions, including certification, support and services, for pharmaceutical products requiring a temperature-controlled environment。With the world's largest active container scale, the most extensive network and over three decades of industry expertise, we are able to meet customers' demands for innovative and reliable solutions for global transportation。No matter at the port of origin or destination。

我们通过一个开放的航空公司和货代网络在全球运营,总部位于 瑞典斯德哥尔摩郊外。

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Strategic Account Manager
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电话: +86 21 54 660 382

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